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Amy Hart ‘not surprised she wasn’t invited’ to Maura Higgins’ Boohoo bash

A host of Love Island stars attended the party - but Amy was noticeably absent


Amy Hart is reportedly ‘not surprised’ she wasn’t invited to Maura Higgins’ Boohoo bash in London this week.

The former air hostess was brutally dumped by Curtis Pritchard on this year’s series of Love Island, before he moved on with Irish gal Maura.

Despite claiming that there’s no bad blood between them, Amy has claimed Maura didn’t invite her to her launch party on Thursday night.

Reps for Amy told Metro.co.uk: “Amy definitely was not invited to Maura’s launch on Thursday.”


Sources close to the blonde, said: “Amy wasn’t surprised to not have an invite as she didn’t even know it was happening – she has zero interest in what Maura is doing.”

“If Maura did invite her, she wouldn’t have gone because she is keen not to see Maura and Curtis together in the same room. Too awkward. Who wants to see the man they loved with their new woman?”

The insider also said Amy hasn’t spoken to either of them since they filmed the Love Island reunion last month.


The source said: “She felt awkward seeing them together and being sandwiched between them on the show, and when you know all eyes are on your reaction, it makes it 10 times worse.”

“So Amy’s doing what is right for her and keeping a safe distance,” they added.

Despite Amy’s claims, The Sun has reported that Boohoo did extend an invite to Amy – but she simply didn’t turn up.