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Amy Hart claps back at follower who branded her charity work ‘boring’

The Love Island star won praise from fans fro her witty clap back.


Amy Hart has clapped back at a follower who branded her “boring.”

The criticism came in the form of a comment on a post about Amy’s charity work.

The Love Island star visited children’s hospice Chestnut Tree House following her win, and posted to her Instagram to name them as her chosen charity.


In the comments section, one user took issue with her post.

“Sorry but I have to unfollow you,” they wrote. About as boring as you were in LI!”

Unfazed, Amy quickly clapped back: “Would you prefer if I sold diet shakes instead?”

Fans were quick to defend Amy for her support of the charity.

“Maybe you should visit a children’s hospice and realise what you have said. It’s so sad that people like you have no heart,” one wrote.

“OMG how insensitive. This woman is helping a charity and you call her boring!!! What is this world coming to?” said another.
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