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Amber Gill reveals she had ‘the biggest bust up’ with Greg O’Shea HOURS before the Love Island final

Amber Gill has revealed she had “the biggest bust up” with Greg O’Shea just hours before the Love Island final.

The Newcastle native won the dating show with the Irish rugby star back in 2019, and the couple split the £50k cash prize between them.

Just five weeks later, the pair called it quits and at the time, Amber accused Greg of breaking up with her over text, which he’s firmly denied.


Speaking to Murad Merali on his YouTube channel, Amber said: “The day before the final, me and Greg had the biggest bust-up you could ever imagine like we didn’t want to know each other. I can’t remember what it was about now, probably something ridiculous…

“We were like ‘Nah, we’re not doing this, it’s done,’ it was a lot… We ended up being separated and then we came back together because we did like each other at the time.”

Amber said the couple eventually decided to put their differences aside for the sake of the show.

Amber won Love Island with Irish star Greg O’Shea

She explained: “We were like you know what, there are two days left let’s just get through it it’ll be good. And then on the day of the final, we thought ‘oh we’ll probably come fourth,’ it’ll be good like what a good run that we had.”

“Like he just came in, and then we ended up in the top two and we were looking at each other like…what’s going on?”

Watch the full interview below:


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