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Amanda Holden left unable to feel her face after undergoing surgery

Amanda Holden has been unable to feel half her face for the past 18 months, after undergoing surgery.

The TV personality has been left with no feeling in the left side of her bottom lip and part of her jaw, after she had four wisdom teeth removed.

She told The Mirror: “I can’t feel anything. The numbness is on the side with the tooth that flipped out really easily.”



She continued: “I’ve had scans of it and they showed that the nerve wasn’t damaged, so they think the feeling may return.”

“But it has been over 18 months now, so I’m not sure it will to be honest.”

The Britain’s Got Talent judge admitted that she’s gotten used to the condition at this stage.

“It’s bizarre but you get used to it,” she revealed.

Along with losing feeling in her face, Amanda is suffering with temporomandibular joint syndrome – which causes her to tense a muscle in her neck.

The condition causes headaches, which Amanda has been dealing with.

While TMJ is regularly caused by stress, Amanda claims tensing the muscle is just an unconscious habit for her.


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