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Amanda Holden hits back at tile company – after they claimed she used her ‘celebrity status to get special treatment’

She's NOT happy!


Amanda Holden has furiously hit back at a tile company, after they accused her of using her celebrity status to get special treatment.

The 48-year-old was forced to respond after a representative for the company made some shocking claims about Amanda.

It all kicked off when Appleby’s sent Amanda the wrong tiles, so she asked to be refunded as she had tilers on site who she would have to pay.

But the company refused, and replied to her saying, “Unfortunately that is not how it works. We will not be refunding your order however, we can refund your shipping fees.”


“Alternatively, we can refund your whole order for you and not send these out.”

“Unfortunately we do not make exceptions for ‘celebrity’ status and all of our customers are treated the same as per our terms and conditions. We will happily refund you your shipping for the inconvenience.”

Slamming the company on Twitter, Amanda shared a photo of their reply, and wrote: “Well, what a useless company.”

“Don’t usually name & shame but this reply wound me up!! I’m no [princess emoji] & hate the word celebrity-didn’t ask for special anything BUT the order is under my name. I don’t expect any special service. JUST a SERVICE would be good.”

Amanda also wrote on Instagram: “I’m so cross that Appleby-co.uk seem to have no proper customer service. Firstly The order was under my name.”

“We didn’t ask for a special service… Secondly the company have admitted it was their mistake but I still have to pay for tiles That are wrong ? How is this legal?”

“If they’ve admitted the error. And thirdly ‘Jack’ needs to learn some people skills and have a glance at the Oxford English dictionary…”

“If there is another tiling company that could help us out I would be equally willing to big them up. As I frequently do with small British businesses. Why should we pay for their mistakes?? Literally?!!”


In a statement obtained by the MailOnline, a rep for Appleby’s said: “Amanda Holden placed an order with us for some items, these were delivered as agreed however, due to a picking error the incorrect tiles had been sent out.”

“Upon speaking to a representative for Amanda we informed them that, we would get these exchanged as soon as possible.”

“The representative then went on to inform us of Amanda’s ‘Status’ for which we informed them that there is nothing more we can do than offer an exchange and regardless of status, all customers are treated the same.”

“We the offered to refund the postage paid in full as well as exchanging the tiles as soon as they became available.”

“The representative asked that we provided these tiles for free we informed them we could not however, we are happy to fully refund Amanda and collect the wrong tiles or, refund the postage charges and have the tiles exchanged to the correct tiles.”