Home TV WATCH: Jedward’s CBB celebration dance is VERY funny

WATCH: Jedward’s CBB celebration dance is VERY funny

The boys have survived another eviction


Jedward’s celebration dance after surviving another eviction is very funny.

Last night, Irish model Calum Best was the least popular housemate chosen by public vote and left the house as the tenth celebrity to be booted out.

After he left the house, the twins went to the bedroom to congratulate each other on making it through to the final.

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Dance party: Jedward were happy to survive another eviction | CHANNEL 5

As they thanked their fans for helping them survive another public vote and said that their mum is going to be so proud.

Jedward launched into their choreographed celebration dance but one decided to take it a step further and started chanting “rip it off, rip it off,” as he pulled at his shirt.

However, his brother told him to take a step back and calmed him down.

Watch their victory boogie below: