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Viewers react to ‘disappointing’ premiere of The Pursuit of Love

Viewers have been reacting to the “disappointing” premiere of The Pursuit of Love, which aired on BBC One on Sunday night.

The TV adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s 1945 novel stars Lily James as leading lady Linda Radlett, and Dominic West as her father ‘Uncle’ Matthew.

Emily Beecham stars as Linda’s cousin and best friend Fanny Logan, while Andrew Scott plays the Radlett family’s wealthy and eccentric neighbour Lord Merlin.

The official synopsis for the three-part series reads: “Freedom, friendship, sex and love.”

“Impatiently waiting for life to begin, two cousins are thrust into a decadent, whirlwind adventure.”

After the first episode of the period drama aired last night, viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions.

One user wrote: “Pretty much everything about #ThePursuitOfLove that could have been wrong was wrong. A dreadful disappointment.”

A second viewer tweeted: “Is anyone else watching the pursuit of love and by watching I mean suffering through.”

A third penned: “Does anyone confirm their opinions by checking Twitter? Thought it was poor but needed to check the # to make sure I wasn’t missing anything but now I’m comfortable saying it is disappointing #ThePursuitOfLove.”

While most viewers were disappointed by the show, others took to Twitter to praise Andrew Scott for his role as Lord Merlin.

One viewer tweeted: “Andrew Scott is the best thing in The Pursuit of Love tonight by a million miles.”

Another wrote: “I was about to turn it off then #andrewscott appeared on the screen #ThePursuitOfLove.”

All three episodes of The Pursuit of Love are now available to watch on BBC Player.


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