Viewers call out Gabby Allen for FAKE tears on CBB

People think the Islander isn't being genuine


Viewers have called out Gabby Allen for crying fake tears on CBB.

The Love Island star broke down in the Diary Room on last nights episode, as she branded Natalie a “bully” for the argument surrounding the group workouts.

However, many viewers didn’t buy Gabby’s meltdown and called branded her fake.

Gabby’s emotional outburst came after she clashed with Natalie in the bathroom, as Natalie believed she excluded her from the house workout.

Talking to Big Brother she tearfully remarked that Natalie was “a nasty nasty person, I don’t want to be in a house with her”.

“I literally feel like I’m walking on eggshells the whole day…. I feel so weak”.

However viewers didn’t believe Gabby was being genuine in the Diary Room, one tweeted “Gabby is getting on my nerves, stop throwing the word bully around and get a grip! #CBB”