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Una Foden so happy to be YOUNGEST on The Voice after always feeling like an ould one in the Saturdays


The Saturdays star Una Foden has said he is really excited about getting in the Voice’s spinning chair.

She said: “I’m really excited about that red chair and pressing the button”.

But the Tipperary singer – who joined the RTE show along with Rachel Stevens – is especially happy to be the youngest on the panel.

She said: “For once I actually feel young – this is brilliant for me. I’m the eldest in the Saturdays, obviously, so in this line up I’m the youngest. I was like, ‘Yay!'”

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The What About Now singer is 33 – while Bressie is 12 days older, Kian Egan is 34 and Rachel is 36.

And Una expects to get on really well with Rachel when they start auditions later this month.

She added: “It’s definitely a good line-up. I know Kian, and I’ve met Bressie a few times – so it’s Rachel, who is another newbee, as well.

“We’ve got loads in common – I actually work with the girls in S Club Juniors, they’re obviously in the Saturdays, so now I’m working with someone from S Club.”


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And Una – who “wants a huge mix” on her team, including country artists – urged people not to be afraid when they perform.

She told 2FM’s Nicky Byrne Show: “It’s all about the voice, the talent and everything – and I hope lots and lots of people entered in and aren’t shy.

“I know myself, over the years, it’s not easy getting up there and performing, and trying to impress people. That’s the difficult part.

“But if I was to give any words of encouragement when people are going on to audition I would say to just perform, not feel like you’re trying to impress anyone, because that can sometimes go against you and the nerves kick in.”