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THIS popular YouTuber ‘is set to stand in for Bruno Tonioli on Britain’s Got Talent’

A popular YouTuber “is set to stand in for Bruno Tonioli on Britain’s Got Talent.”

According to new reports, the talent show is actively trying to pull in a younger crowd.

With auditions set to be held earlier than usual for the next series, Bruno’s stint on Dancing With The Stars could clash with BGT.

In his place, YouTube influencer and boxer, KSI, is reportedly in talks with ITV bosses to fill in for him.

A source told The Sun: “Simon Cowell knows KSI is a huge hit with the younger generation.”

“He would be a great addition to pull in teenage fans, which is something the producers are keen to do.”


“KSI is chatting to bosses in the hope of agreeing a deal that would also work with his hectic schedule.”

In an interview last week, Simon Cowell confirmed that the Italian choreographer will be returning next year despite scheduling clashes but revealed there will be a stand-in.

Appearing on Heart Radio on Wednesday, the music mogul explained: “I would not replace him. I love Bruno on the show.”

From Syco/Thames

Clearing up the rumours Host Jamie Theakston asked the star: “I’m gonna read you a headline from one of the papers today Simon… ‘Britain’s Got Talent set to drop judge, Bruno'”

As Simon confessed the headline was false, Jamie pressed: “Okay, well, what of that isn’t truth?”

Simon explained: “Seriously. I spoke to… I don’t know where all this stuff comes from. I spoke to the producers literally two weeks ago about there is a scheduling issue with Bruno.”

Simon Cowell

“Because we’re doing the auditions… some of the auditions this year and he’s going to be in America.”

“So maybe there’ll be a stand in for him. I don’t know. But I love Bruno on the show. I think he’s brilliant.”

Fellow judge Amanda Holden added: “He brings such an amazing energy and he knows so much.”

“And he knows so much about what he’s talking about. And actually, he’s a brilliant, brilliant judge and the nicest person. So no, I would not replace him,” Simon added.

“So… Bruno’s coming back?” asked Jamie as Simon confirmed once and for all: “He’s coming back.”


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