Home TV THIS Love Island star is ‘convinced’ they had COVID-19

THIS Love Island star is ‘convinced’ they had COVID-19

The star said they "couldn't breathe laying down"


Love Island star Shaughna Phillips has taken to Instagram to share that she believes she had COVID-19 while in the Love Island villa.

The star shared that she “couldn’t breathe” during her time on the show, and feels that her illness could have been due to the current global pandemic.

During the Winter Love Island series, a number of reports emerged that the cast and crew had been struck down by a mysterious illness.


“Thinking about it, I’m convinced I had the rona (coronavirus) in the Love Island villa,” she posted on her story.

“I was ILLLLLLLLLL! Couldn’t breathe laying down and all that shit!”

At the time of the reports, it was alleged by a source that workers on the show were asked not to engage in close physical contact, such as shaking hands.

They also alleged that sick crew members were asked to recuperate in their hotel rooms to avoid spreading the illness.

Workers were provided with health packs to help combat the virus, and sanitation areas were reportedly erected to keep the virus from spreading.


Despite her previous illness, the star took the time to wish her mum a happy Mother’s Day today.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the best mama / mamager / therapist / confidante I could ever ask for! I’m sure you have more hours in your day than the rest of us, because you never stop, but I couldn’t do it without you. I hope one day I can pay you back for all the long, sleepless nights I’ve put you through, but you’ve still got a few years to go I reckon,” she wrote.