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This is the ‘must-watch’ drama series everyone is talking about right now

Seasons 1 and 2 of BBC drama ‘The Missing’ recently joined Netflix, and viewers are absolutely loving it.

The show’s first season follows a couple whose holiday turns into a nightmare when their 5-year-old son Oliver disappears from a large celebrating crowd in Northern France.

Tchéky Karyo, James Nesbitt and Frances O’Connor starred in the eight-part series, which premiered in 2014.

The second eight-part season is about a couple named Sam and Gemma Webster, whose daughter Alice went missing in Germany in 2003.

Over a decade later, police tell the couple that Alice has reappeared and claim she had been held captive with Sophie Giroux, a French girl who disappeared about the same time.

Tchéky Karyo returned as Julien Baptiste in the second season, while David Morrissey and Keeley Hawes starred as the girl’s parents.

Since the show has joined Netflix, fans have been rewatching the series, while others are binging it for the first time.

One viewer tweeted: “Re watching the missing on Netflix forgot how good that was man has to be the best series ever made.”

Another wrote: “Rewatched both series of ‘The Missing’ on Netflix. Possibly one of the finest programmes to ever come out of the BBC. Perfectly written. A must watch if you haven’t already.”

Check out more reactions to the series below:


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