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The Savage Eye is over – after last season only made to get RTE's cash


Comedian David McSavage has blasted RTE for being unable to produce comedy or “anything original”.

The Savage Eye star also admitted he wished he hadn’t made a fourth series of his show for the State broadcaster.

But David, 48, insisted the show is now finished – after only doing the last one for money.

He said: “We are finished thank God. I didn’t want to do the fourth series. I did it for the money and I shouldn’t have done it. I‘m glad it’s over and it’s gone. I’m bored poopless with the characters.

“I’m writing a new thing and I want to just put all that behind me. I’m glad I did it but I’m bored with it now.

David McSavage seen busking on Grafton Street

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“You work on these characters and take them as far as they can go and then you start getting repetitive, and that’s what happened.”

Speaking on 2FM, Dave also said that RTE was “failing at its job” and wasn’t producing quality programmes.

He said: “Outwardly you look at RTE and you think, that looks like a TV station.

“But the proper remit of a TV station is that it produces quality and RTE doesn’t, so it’s failing at its job.

“You have the studios, you have all the equipment, you have television cameras, you have producers but nobody can write anything.

“Nobody can write comedy. They can’t produce anything original. I’m sorry to have to say that.”