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The Most Memorable Moments from Love Is Blind – Season 1

The reality television series has been renewed for two more seasons


Love Is Blind provided many iconic moments during it’s first season.

The reality show about finding your spouse without seeing each other face-to-face is as dramatic as it sounds, and you haven’t watched it already – you need to.

From pod dates to full-scale weddings, this love experiment provided many laughs, tears and drama throughout.

Now that the show has been renewed for two more seasons, we’re taking a look back at some of the most memorable moments from the show’s first series.

Jessica feeding wine to her dog


One of the most shocking moments from the season has to be when Jessica fed her dog Payton red wine.

During a heated discussion with her fiancé Mark, the 35-year-old casually lowered her glass of red wine to her dog’s mouth – who proceeded to drink the alcoholic beverage.

When her dog was finished, Jessica carried on drinking from the same glass – leaving viewers baffled.

Fans took to Twitter to share their horror over the moment, and let’s just say it’s certainly a scene people won’t forget!

Amber’s student debt revelation


Barnett and viewers were left in shock when Amber revealed her money issues to him before they walked down the aisle.

The 27-year-old admitted to her new fiancé that she had a massive student debt from when she didn’t graduate college – leaving Barnett speechless.

Amber explained that as husband and wife, he would have to take on the burden of her debt as she was currently out of work, and wanted to be a house wife.

After the episode aired on Netflix, viewers slammed Amber for being “lazy”, but she later clarified that she was out of work due to an injury.

The Pod Date


As the season progressed, Mark and Jessica’s relationship was clearly unravelling despite their relationship having promising beginnings.

To recreate the spark, Mark set up a romantic pod date by having them share a meal while they were in different rooms.

Jessica described the date as “very cute and thoughtful” and we couldn’t agree with her more.

Gigi proposing to Damien


There were many heartfelt proposals on the first season of Love is Blind.

But Gigi proposing to Damien has to be one of the most emotional and stand out ones on the show.

The blonde bombshell got down on one knee in the pod room and proposed to Damien in which he responded with an emotional “yes”.

This couple may have had their differences in the series, but this was a very romantic moment.

When Cameron rapped for Lauren’s mother 


One of the most hilarious and cringe-worthy moments from the series was Cameron rapping to Lauren’s mother.

When Cameron goes to meet her, it is clear he is anxious to make a good impression on her family.

He mentions to her mother that he was in a rap group in college, and he proceeds to perform an original rap in front of them both.

Although fans thought he might have blown it with Lauren, the couple are still happily married.

Jessica drunkenly flirting with Barnett

Jessica caused a stir when she started flirting with engaged Barnett on his birthday, even though she was already engaged to Mark.

Despite ending up with different partners, it was clear that there was still tension between the pair.

The awkward encounter definitely had audiences on the edge of their seat.

Runaway Bride


The weddings episode was the pinnacle of this series, and while some couples got their happily ever after, others weren’t so lucky.

During the ceremony of Gigi and Damien’s wedding, Damien decided that he no longer wanted to become Gigi’s husband, even though she wanted to make it work.

Following the rejection, Gigi proceeded to dramatically run away from the ceremony in distress.

This heartbreaking scene is bound to make viewers tearful.

Amber confronts Jessica

Love Is Blind: The Reunion was bound to bring some drama amongst the contestants.

One rivalry that truly came to light was the Amber and Jessica feud.

Amber confronted Jessica at the reunion and called her out for flirting with her fiancé Barnett, even though she told her she never would.

Jessica looks on in silence as Amber tells her how she really feels about her.

Lauren and Cameron’s wedding


Fan-favourites Lauren and Cameron provided viewers with some of the shows most romantic moments.

It was no wonder that viewers were eager to see the adorable couple exchange vows at the end of the series.

The couple tied the knot in front of their friends and family in a touching and heartfelt ceremony.

The popular pair proved to viewers that love is most certainly blind.