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The funniest memes from Love Island 2022 so far

Season 8 of Love Island kicked off last month, and it has already given us weeks of entertainment and drama.

One of our favourite things about the hit dating show is the hilarious Twitter commentary and the memes that come with it.

We have rounded up our favourite memes from the series so far.

Take a look:

1. Danica’s ‘project manager flirting’

Danica Taylor entered the Love Island villa as a bombshell, and she has been unlucky in love so far.

The 21-year-old has unfortunately fallen victim to four friendship couples – with Luca Bish, Jacques O’Neill, Jay Younger AND Josh Le Grove.

Fans think the dancer is failing to find a connection because one of her hilarious mannerisms: speaking with too much professionalism, instead of flirting.

One viewer tweeted: “Danica’s the one who organises the girls group holiday and collects everyone’s passports she just has that project management vibe in every corner of her life.”

Others compared her conversations to job interviews. Take a look:

2. Davide’s ‘you are a liar’ rant

Davide Sanclimenti will definitely go down in Love Island history as one of the most iconic contestants so far, thanks to his hilarious one-liners.

One of his most memorable to date came after he found out Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu snuck off to the terrace to kiss bombshell Jay Younger.

The Italian Stallion shouted at her: “You are a liar, actress, go the f**k out!”

Fans can’t get enough of the line, and have been tweeting it almost every night since.

Take a look:

3. Ekin-Su and Davide’s ‘divorce’

Ekin-Su and Davide have been hilariously dubbed the mom and dad of the season by fans.

The Turkish actress and Italian heartthrob have had their fair share of ups and downs over the past few weeks and each time they previously split, fans share their heartache over the couple’s “divorce”.

Check out some of the memes below:

4. Charlie’s worm 

The heart rate challenge made its’ highly anticipated return to our screens earlier this season, and it did NOT disappoint.

Fans were loving the drama, but one stand out moment from the challenge was when bombshell Charlie started doing the worm in the hopes of raising the girls’ heart rates.

Check out some of the hilarious reactions below:

5. Andrew being accused of being a thief

When the 2022 Love Island lineup was announced, Twitter user Carol McGee thought she recognised Andrew Le Page.

She tweeted the official account for the ITV dating show: “He looks like the man who stole my daughter’s handbag in Sainsbury’s.”

Carol then demanded: “Can you confirm if he was in Bristol Sainsbury’s on March 12th love island.”

It was later confirmed that Andrew was in Dubai at the time, clearing him of the “crime”, but that hasn’t stopped fans from hilariously dubbing him “the bag thief from Sainsbury’s.”

6. Michael Owen reacting to his daughter Gemma on the show

Gemma Owen is the daughter of football legend Michael Owen, who hilariously reacted to her doing the heart rate challenge with an emoji of someone covering their eyes.

Gemma’s famous father has been a popular meme this season, with fans guessing what his reactions would be for different situations in the drama.

After the latest drama on the show, which saw Luca Bish kick off at Gemma after Movie Night, viewers are hoping Michael is watching and does not approve of his daughter’s beau.

7. Deji’s facial expressions

Casa Amor bombshell Deji stole the show during Movie Night thanks to his hilarious facial expressions, as he reacted to the chaos around him.

Viewers took to Twitter in hysterics sharing photos of the 25-year-old’s face as his fellow Islanders fought, while he sat there eating popcorn.

One tweeted: “Deji’s facial expressions are priceless.”

8. Ekin-Su crawling on the terrace

We are still not over this iconic moment.

When bombshell Jay entered the villa, he turned Ekin-Su’s head from Davide, and she snuck up to the terrace for a secret rendezvous with him.

She and Jay got on their hands and knees and crawled towards to couch to avoid detection from the other Islanders, before sharing their first kiss.

Check out some reactions below:

Love Island continues on tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two. 

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