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The Fall's Aisling Franciosi hopes career is whipped into shape working with Jamie Dornan


The Fall star Aisling Franciosi is hoping she’ll see her career explode after working with Jamie Dornan.

The TV actress, 20, plays temptress babysitter Katie in the RTE drama – and would like to see a boost in what she’s offered after season two.

And Aisling is unlikely to be disappointed if she gets roles like Jamie has been offered, which now sees him starring in 50 Shades of Grey.

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The Fall: Aisling hopes to see career get boost from Jamie link | VIPIRELAND.COM

She said: “People aren’t falling over backwards offering me things.

“But I am hoping season two will add some fuel to the fire because I have some interesting scenes and storylines coming up.”

Previously Aisling told Goss.ie that even she fancied Jamie – and she believes he is so convincing as a serial killer because of his modelling past.


All in the eyes: Aisling believes model past helps Jamie | BBC

“Allan Cubitt – who created and writes the show – said that he quite likes using actors who are able to say things with their eyes,” she told the Herald.

“I’m not saying I can do that but he seems to think I can. But I think that’s the one of the reasons that Jamie Dornan is so good, and obviously Gillian Anderson too.

“As a model Jamie had to learn how to send some- thing across with his eyes without actually saying anything.

“And that really helped the performance because you can read so much without him saying anything.”