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10 things you need to know about Irish Big Brother housemate Ashleigh Coyle

1. What she’ll do if she wins Big Brother

If she wins Big Brother aka €100 k – Ashleigh says she would donate some of the money to charity, buy a nice car and take her family on holiday somewhere sunny.

2. She’s never left home

The Derry girl has always lived in the same area and currently lives on a council estate. Ashleigh says it’s living there that pushes to further her career.

3. Gucci isn’t just a fashion brand she enjoys

The bubbly blonde has a dog, and their name is Gucci. Yes you read that right.

4. She is currently Miss Derry

The gorgeous model was crowned Miss Derry last year, and she  still holds the title.

Miss Ireland 2013 finals at Ballsbridge Hotel

Miss Derry: Ashleigh is a pageant queen | VIPIRELAND.COM

5. Her dream job

Yeah, you’ve guessed it. Ashleigh dreams of becoming a “well-known” model. “But I know the chances of that are slim,” she said before going into the house.

6. She has a plan B

If modelling doesn’t work out Ashleigh says she would love to set up her own events management and wedding planning business.

7. All she needs is love

Ashleigh would rather have love than money because you always see “celebrities who have enough money to feed the world and they’re unhappy”.

ashleigh 1

Glam: Ashleigh’s male housemates are very impressed by her beauty

8. She can be argumentative

Her worst trait is that she talks about herself too much. She also says she sometimes forces her opinions on others. “I always think I’m right,” she said.

9.She believes in abortion

Yes the innocent Derry native says she is pro-abortion and has strong views on the subject.

10. She’s off the market

Well maybe not for long. Ashleigh has left her poor boyfriend at home while she goes on national TV with a few very good looking men in the house – of course.


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