Home TV Striking Out star admits Amy Huberman is ‘Ireland’s princess’

Striking Out star admits Amy Huberman is ‘Ireland’s princess’

Brahm Gallagher stars alongside the actress in the hit RTE drama

Striking Out star Brahm Gallagher has admitted that he thinks Amy Huberman is Ireland’s princess.

The American stars alongside the mother-of-two in the hit drama as Pete, a cafe owner who offers Amy’s character Tara a work space for her legal firm.

“Amy I know is Ireland’s princess and the title suits her – she’s quite lovely,” he said.

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Praise: Brahm thinks Amy is Ireland’s princess | RTE

“It was nice to get the opportunity to come down and have a chance to play with these guys, because it’s definitely play,” he told RTE Entertainment.

“Everybody’s having a really good time, that’s one of the joys of doing it.”


Striking Out: The actor complimented the high quality of Irish shows | RTE

Brahm moved to Ireland with his wife, who is from Belfast, last year and while he is still getting used to the change of scenery, he is full of compliments for Irish actors.

“Some of the quality of programming that’s coming out here and in the UK is really top notch.

“They’re really putting story and quality of programming above quantity of programming,” he added.

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