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Spoiler alert! Tommy set to be killed off in new Love/Hate series

Love/Hate star Killian Scott has revealed his character Tommy is set to be killed off in the new season.

He was seen collapsing in the finale of the last season with brain damage after being seriously beaten by Nidge.

Now Killian expects that he will be the first to die in the fifth season – after it was revealed some of the biggest names will be killed off.

He said: “Tommy is the most vulnerable. The last time you see me I’ve had a massive brain haemorrhage so what happens next?


Brain injury: After being beaten by Nidge

“It’s been a really great experience filming Love/Hate and I’ve learnt a huge amount and enjoyed playing the part of Tommy but it’s going to have to come to its conclusion.”

And Killian told the Irish Sun that he had been working with a UK clinical psychologist to ensure his portrayal of the brain injury was spot on.

He added: “The sort of injury was never mentioned in the script but I asked the writer Stuart Carolan exactly what the injury was so that everything Tommy did after he got the injury was plausible and realistic.”


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