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Sophie Turner drops MAJOR hints about her Game Of Thrones character’s future

Sophie Turner has dropped some major hints about her Game Of Thrones character’s future.

The actress stars as Sansa Stark who has undergone a huge change from her shy want-to-be princess character to her new, intimidating “Dark” Sansa.

As she revealed what work she has planned for next while, the Brit let a possible spoiler loose.

Spoilers: Sophie will return to film season 8 of Game Of Thrones | HBO

While chatting to HeyUGuys, Sophie admitted that she will be returning to the X-Men films and she will be back to film season 8 of Games Of Thrones.

“We’re about to start shooting the next X-Men, we’ve just finished shooting season 7 of Thrones, and I’ve got a couple of movies to do before X-Men starts. And then we go on to season 8,” she told them.

Fans have speculated since her dark twist that she may meet her end in the next season, so unless she returns in season 8 as a ghost or in flashbacks, it appears Sansa isn’t going anywhere yet.

Change: Sophie revealed the various reasons behind Sansa’s smile at the end of season 6 | HBO

Speaking about her character’s development, Sophie opened up about Sansa’s first kill and her potential taste for killing.

“There’s the smile… her walking away after killing Ramsay. That’s quite interesting,” the 20-year-old said when asked about Sansa’s mindset in the last season.

“You wonder if it’s just a smile because it’s her first kill, because this man is out of her life, or whether she’s going to get a taste for it. Whether she enjoyed it. Whether it’s a power trip.

“But she definitely is a lot more powerful, and it’ll be very interesting to see how she handles that coming up this season.”

Game Of Thrones season 7 hits HBO later this year.


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