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Soaps collide: Red Rock's Jack Nolan has been dating Fair City's Leah Egan for a YEAR

Red Rock’s Jack Nolan and Fair City’s Leah Egan have been in a secret relationship for the last year.

The TV3 and RTE stars have kept their relationship under wraps until a picture surfaced of the pair looking cosy together.

And Jack admitted: “It’s true! We thought we were doing really well [keeping it a secret]. We were onto a pretty good run there and we were hoping that we would creep under the radar but obviously not.”

But while the pair star in rival soaps, there is no jealously between the two stars.


Star quality: Jack plays Michael, a member of the Hennessy family | TV3

And Jack, 25, insisted Leah was delighted when he landed the starring role in the new TV3 series and that they have no interest in the soaps’ ratings war.

He told the Star: “She was more excited than me! She was absolutely delighted for me and it’s nice that we are both in the same industry.”

“We are both employed and we are happy out just doing our thing.

The Navan native also revealed he has no interest in the ratings war between the series.

leah egan

Fair lady: Leah Egan plays fiery Louise in the RTE soap

“I really don’t care about ratings and that sort of thing. From an actor’s point of view you can’t allow things like ratings play on your mind.

He added: “All you want to think about is playing your character to the best of your ability.”

Jack also admitted playing Michael Hennessey on the soap can be “exhausting” due to the dramatic story lines but insisted he is loving every minute of it.

“He doesn’t have time to have the craic but I love playing him. He’s fascinating and I can’t wait to find out what the future holds for him.”


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