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Sinead Kennedy: 'I worry about being labelled a kid's TV presenter'

Sinead Kennedy has admitted she worries about being labelled as a kid’s TV host forever.

The 31-year-old, who has gone from popular children’s TV presenter to co-host of Winning Streak with Marty Whelan, revealed she was looking forward to moving out of young people’s TV.

“You spend so long in young people’s TV working on youth shows and you think at the time, ‘Someone let me out so I can show that I can wear the guna and do the shiny floor telly’,” she said.

Winning Streak 04

All grown up: Sinead currently co-hosts Winning Streak with Marty Whelan | ANDRES POVEDA

The Cork native admitted that although she’s branched out from young people’s television, she’s not too old to work on them.

“Then you start doing that and you’re like, ‘But I’m not too old either, I can still do the younger stuff’.

“So you’re always trying to work between the two,” she added.

Peter Mark VIP Style Awards 2013 Launch

Branching out: Sinead’s upcoming documentary is about tattoo culture in Ireland | VIPIRELAND.COM

Branching out from studio presenting, Sinead’s has worked on her first RTE 2 documentary about tattoo culture in Ireland and revealed that she jumped at the opportunity to create her own programme.

“It’s great to get the opportunity to actually make something that I really am passionate about,” she told the Herald.

“I love tattoos. I’m obsessed with them and follow every tattoo artist online.”


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