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Rylan calls on CBB bosses to show housemates footage of Ryan Thomas’ ‘punch’

The issue has sparked huge controversy online

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Rylan has called on Celebrity Big Brother bosses to show housemates the footage of Ryan Thomas’ ‘punch’.

The CBB Bit on the Side host was outraged when housemates turned on the former Coronation Street actor after Roxanne Pallett claimed he had punched her.

Many of the contestants later doubted Roxanne’s accusations, but Rylan is now calling on CBB bosses to release footage of the play-fighting to housemates.

The presenter admitted that he would get in trouble for asking for the footage to be shown and also stated that he understood that there should be no interfering or contact from the outside world.

The 29-year-old then wrote “UT SHOW THE HOUSEMATES THE FOOTAGE. There I’ve said it. Praying they will.”

Rylan isn’t the only one calling for the footage to be shown, as many fans have also taken to Twitter to ask CBB bosses to show housemates what really happened.

Ryan’s family are currently running the actor’s social media accounts and they posted a heartwarming message for the actor on Instagram.

The 34-year-old’s daughter recorded a message for her father and said: “Hi daddy, I love you. I miss you and I think you’re doing very well. I’m so proud of you and I think you should win!”

The actor’s brother, Adam, has also taken to social media to support Ryan and told fans: “Sad thing is this is entertainment to some people I’ve just had my mum in bits crying about her little boy that’s the sad truth!”

Roxanne Pallett left Celebrity Big Brother yesterday and released a statement to The Sun that said: “Roxanne decided to leave the CBB house late last night after deliberating for two days with some sensitive issues she felt strongly about.”

“She has now been reunited with her fiancé and family and thanks everyone for their support during her time in the show.”