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RTE Two producing updated version of Fade Street in bid to take on UTV

RTE Two appears to be making a new version of Fade Street – as they took to take on UTV Ireland.

Boss Bill Malone said they are planning a “reality soap” about being female in Ireland now.

He said: “We have a reality soap which is high volume documentary soap which is a window on what it’s like to be young and Irish and female right now.”

He added: “Irish talkability, Irish programmes that’s what we are about in RTÉ Two. Irish programmes that have Irishness in its core.”

Fade Street Launch Party

Fade Street: Stars of the show at launch | VIPIRELAND.COM

It has lead to speculation they are producing a revamped version of Fade Street, which gained plaudits when it aired in 2010 – starring Louise Johnson, Vogue Williams, Cici Cavanagh and Dani Robinson.

It is not understood to contain any of the same cast but would be similar to the original Fade Street.

The RTE Two head added that he knows UTV Ireland will be a “significant threat” as his own station’s viewing figures fall.

“I think UTV is a significant threat and will change the marketplace significantly and TV3 and RTE 2 and TV3 will have to react to that and change accordingly,” he told Today FM.

Sam Keeley & Guests at Today FM

Boss: RTE Two head Bill Malone | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I think it’s fair to say that Coronation Street and Emmerdale going to UTV definitely presents a significant change in the market.

“So viewers of those programmes will probably seek them out on UTV, that changes the balance.”

Latest figures show RTE Two’s audience share has dropped from a 53,000 viewer average in 2012 to 40,000 now.

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