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RTE spent €337k on the Eurovision last year


RTE spent a whopping €337,000 on the Eurovision last year.

Nicky Byrne and a team of 18 people were sent by the TV station to Stockholm, Sweded to compete in the European music content.

According to the Irish Sun €337,000 in total was spent, with €88,472 for “active participation in the contest.”

“The fee for active participation includes RTE’s contribution to the substantial costs incurred by the host broadcaster in staging the contest and the fee for entry.”

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In a statement RTE said the figures were higher but they saved money by not running the Eurosong content through the Late Late Show.

“While overall Eurovision costs for 2016 may appear to be higher this year, it’s important to note the costs involved are being accounted for differently than in previous years,” they stated.

“RTE did not hold a Eurosong selection process on the Late Late Show in 2016 as we had done in previous years.

“The separate budget set aside for the Eurosong selection was instead used towards the overall staging and appearance of Nicky Byrne’s performance in Stockholm.

“Nicky Byrne waived his performance fee in order to channel all available budgets into the stage production.”

This May former Hometown singer Brendan Murray is set to represent Ireland at the contest in Kiev, Ukraine.