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RTÉ promise Rubberbandits’ new show about sex won’t be like ‘Love Island’


RTÉ have promised that The Rubberbandits’ new show, which will touch on Irish attitudes to sex, will be “nothing like Love Island or Big Brother”.

Blindboy Boatclub and Mr Chrome are working on a four-part documentary series for RTE, in which they are aiming to educate the nation on sex.

Despite placing an ad on an adult website in order to find people, including professional porn actors and ordinary couples, to take part and do a live sex shoot for the show – RTÉ have insisted that the show won’t be anything like controversial reality shows Love Island and Big Brother.

“It will be nothing like Love Island or Big Brother,” an RTÉ spokesperson told the Herald.

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Both of these shows have recently received complaints for airing explicit sex scenes on national television.

“A new series with the Rubberbandits is currently in development. Nothing has been shot yet and a number of topics – including Irish attitudes to sex – are being looked at for the Rubberbandits to tackle in their own inimitable style.

“It’s a comedic take on Irish attitudes to sex,” they added.

The docu-series is set to be an interesting one, as the ad looking for show participants, which was obtained by the Sunday World, read, “Professional Porn Actors and Ordinary Couples wanted for paid TV gig. I’m working on a TV programme that examines our relationship to sex.

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“One: A male and female who are experienced in porn / performing sex on film. We’re looking for one male, one female, both of whom are very good looking, with professional credits in porn, who are in their 20s or 30s, to do a live sex shoot with our crew.

“Two: A regular, average-looking couple in their late20s /early30s to do a live sex shoot with our crew.

“Ultimately, these sex clips will be broadcast on a television show, and everyone’s private parts will be covered up with clip art (think bananas and melons). None of the footage will be released anywhere but in the very delicately clipped together television programme.”