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Psychic Sally Morgan brings Chloe Ayling and Dan Osborne to TEARS in Celebrity Big Brother house

It was an emotional day for the housemates


Psychic, Sally Morgan, brought Chloe Ayling and Dan Osborne to tears last night in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

The 66-year-old began performing readings on her fellow housemates and things got a bit emotional when she spoke to Chloe and Dan.

The psychic began with the 21-year-old, telling her that she was like a “broken china doll”.

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“Did someone want you to change your name?” Sally asked.

This question led Chloe to tears, as she said: “It was in Milan after it had all happened. I was on the phone to my mum and I told her I wanted to change everything about my life. Even my name and the way I looked to some extent because I was worried about what.”

Chloe was comforted by her fellow housemates as she was reminded of her traumatic kidnapping last year.

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Sally later moved onto Dan and gave him a psychic reading which also led him to tears.

She asked the 27-year-old if he knew someone who fell/jumped from a balcony.

Dan was shocked and told his housemates of his friend who fell from a balcony.

The psychic then explained to the TOWIE star that his friend intentionally fell from the balcony, to which Dan reacted, telling her that this is what him and his friends suspected.

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The readings became all too much for comedian, Hardeep Singh Kohli, as he left the group and went into the kitchen.

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