Poldark star reveals he’s ‘deeply jealous of Aidan Turner’

The actor was considered a heart throb


John Nettles has revealed that he’s deeply jealous of Aidan Turner.

The actor stars as Ray Penvenen in the hit BBC show Poldark alongside the Dubliner.

“I’m deeply, deeply jealous of Aidan,” he said of his co-star.


Green eyes: John admitted that he’s jealous of Aidan but also said that he’s lovely | BBC

John admitted that he got into shape for his role as Ray, but Aidan previously said that he didn’t feel the need to work out for his leading role.

“I polished my pecs dutifully in preparation for the show, they weren’t needed,” he told the Telegraph.

“But [Aidan is] as lovely off camera as he is on camera. He wears it well, he bloody well does.

“And Demelza [Eleanor Tomlinson] is gobsmackingly beautiful. I don’t like playing scenes with people like that, the audience isn’t going to look at me at all.”


Heart throb: John could teach Aidan how to handle his popularity among female fans | BBC

Aidan is now considered a heart throb for his role as Ross Poldark, a status John is familiar with having attracted a large female following when he starred in BBC’s Bergerac.

“I was once described as  ‘Half man, half nutmeg and all sex god,'” he recalled.

“The splendidly insightful journalist went on to say that I established a default expression for all television detectives, reminiscent of a pork pie. It was very funny.”