Home TV Ovie Soko responds to speculation that he and Amber Gill are TOGETHER

Ovie Soko responds to speculation that he and Amber Gill are TOGETHER

"That's a dangerous line we're playing with"


Ovie Soko has opened up about his relationship with Amber Gill.

Ovie and Amber became close during their time on Love Island, with both of them making it to the final with their respective partners. Amber has since split from Greg O’Shea, while Ovie has split from India Reynolds.

Responding to romance rumours between himself and Amber Gill, Ovie was quick to deny that there was anything more than friendship between them.

While the duo have constantly faced speculation that they are getting together, the rumour mill went into overdrive after Amber posted a TikTok which shows her and Ovie dancing in a hotel room.

When asked if there is any truth behind the rumours on KISS.FM, Ovie replied: “Nah, man.”

It’s a good friend. It’s a very good friend. I think the important thing in all of it is for everyone to appreciate that people of the opposite sex can be friends.”

“That’s a dangerous line we’re playing with when that’s the message we’re putting out from the female and the male side.”

“When all the females are like ‘oh you should get with him’ it’s like okay, does that mean you can’t just be friends with a guy to a certain level? Are you saying that about yourself?”


“It’s almost a reflection of what you think about yourself too. What you project on to others. I think it’s important to appreciate a good friendship. To be real, when that’s the angle that we take – we’re missing out.”

Touching on his friendship with Amber and other women in his life, he said:

“As a man there is a lot you can learn from a woman that your mates can’t teach you in your guy friend groups, and as a female from a man that your friends in your group chat can’t teach you. If you’re saying that you cant be friends with the opposite sex you’re cutting off persons that could have saved you a lot of heartache, saved you a lot of headache.”

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The star revealed that he hasn’t been on one date since exiting the villa in the summer of 2019, but admitted that his DMs are “fire.”

However, he said he doesn’t read into it too much.

“I don’t read into that. I don’t read into the tweets and stuff because it’s just as dangerous as looking at the bad stuff. Too much of anything is bad for you.”

“I’m enjoying single life. I feel like you have to enjoy single life before you can enjoy being in a couple.”