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One of this year’s Islanders has been BANNED from appearing on the Love Island reunion show

And he's not happy about it...


Sherif Lanre has been banned from appeared on this Sunday’s Love Island reunion show.

The 20-year-old entered the Love Island villa as an original contestant this year, but was kicked off the show after just nine days for “breaking the rules”.

Sherif later confessed that he was removed from the villa after he accidentally kicked fellow Islander Molly-Mae Hague in the groin – and joked that it was a “c*** punt”.

Although Sherif is still friendly with his fellow Islanders, ITV have refused to let him appear on the show’s special reunion episode – because his contract with the show has ended.

However, they did say Sherif is still eligible for the show’s aftercare programme.

In a statement, an ITV representative said: “Sherif left this series of Love Island by mutual agreement after breaking the rules and there are no plans for him to appear at this weekend’s Aftersun Reunion.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Sherif told The Sun: “Sherif is gutted. He was really looking forward to having the chance to reunite with the other Islanders who became his friends during the villa.”

“It’s hard to fathom why they wouldn’t want him as he was so popular during his short stint on the show. He made a mistake and apologised, so why he is still be punished is hard to fathom.”

Sherif Lane

A spokesperson for Sherif also told the newspaper: “It would have been nice for Sherif to see his friends at the reunion; it’s a shame ITV feel this strongly against him attending.”

The news comes after Molly-Mae said she has “no beef” with Sherif, despite the fact that he was kicked out of the villa for kicking her in the groin.

When asked if she has any negative feelings towards him after leaving the villa, Molly told the press: “No, absolutely not, no beef with me and Sherif.”

“I’ve not got my phone back yet, I’ve not even spoken to Sherif… But there’s absolutely no beef between me and Sherif. I love the boy to pieces.”

Love Island: The Reunion airs this Sunday at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.