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Olly Murs reveals he’s desperate to appear on this reality show

Olly Murs has revealed he’s desperate to appear on Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking to the MailOnline, the singer admitted he’s been a huge fan of the BBC series since his late friend Caroline Flack took part.

He said: “I’ve said it for years, I love watching TV like everybody else and I’ve loved Strictly since Caz won it. I was a big fan that year and watched the whole series.”

Caroline won Strictly Come Dancing back in 2014

Olly also confessed he was previously banned from talking about Strictly, due to his connection to the show’s former ratings rival The X Factor.

The 37-year-old explained: “I was anti Strictly because I was a massive X Factor fan, I was on the show, hosting it, and Simon Cowell said ‘you can’t watch Strictly, it’s X Factor, X Factor, X Factor’, so I was always in team X Factor.”

“But when Caz went over and did it, I supported her and watched the show down there and I love music and dancing, so it was a big thing for me.”

Referencing his recent knee surgery, he said: “If my knee was 100 per cent then I would but right now I’d say no because my legs aren’t right. I’ve got a stressed fracture in my shin.”

However, Olly admitted he’s confident he’d do well on the show.

The Troublemaker singer confessed: “I definitely think I’ve got what it takes. But right now, my knee is telling me ‘Olly, you haven’t got what it takes’.”

“I would absolutely love the tan and sequins. They wear nice tight trousers on Strictly and everyone knows I love a tight trouser.”


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