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New Netflix reality series to follow the lives of 10 millionaires

Dubai Bling is an upcoming Netflix reality series that will follow the lives of 10 self-made millionaires.

The official synopsis reads: “Setting new global benchmarks in trade, business and innovation, Dubai is the land of wealth and opportunity for those brave enough to make it.”

“Playing an instrumental role in the success of these individuals, experience the beautiful city of Dubai, through the eyes of some of its most successful personalities.”

Season one of Dubai Bling will join Netflix on October 27.

The streaming giant released a teaser trailer for the show last week, and the full cast has since been revealed.

Check them out below:

Zeina Khoury

Netflix says: “Zeina Khoury may play hard, but she works harder. Zeina left Lebanon, driven by ambitions for greatness, and went on to become the CEO of a thriving luxury real estate empire.”

“Bold and beautiful, Zeina is the link connecting the social circle together – can they all stay on her good side?”

Lojain Omran

Netflix says: “One of the most recognizable faces on Saudi TV, celebrity and TV host Lojain Omran welcomes fans behind-the-scenes of her glamorous life, boasting an enviable wardrobe of gowns, jewels and accessories galore. But there is more to Lojain than meets the eye.”

“From sharing her Saudi culture with the social circle to inspiring young Arab women across the region with her inspirational and positive energy, Lojain is a calm and centred presence in the social circle.”

“Can Lojain serve as the voice of reason as her friends bicker and fall out?”

Loujain Adadah


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Netflix says: “The newest arrival to the roaring Dubai social scene is Lebanese socialite and mother of two daughters, Loujain Adadah.”

“Outspoken, assertive and not shy to speak her mind, she has joined the social circle but will the bling city be the fresh start Loujain is hoping for?”

Farhana Bodi


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“Farhana Bodi, single mother and social media influencer, is known for sharing her lavish life of high-fashion, jet-set holidays and exquisite events with her 1.4 million followers.”

“No stranger to drama, can Farhana keep the social circle on side when the phones are down and there are no more filters to hide behind?” Netflix asks.

DJ Bliss and Diva Dee


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“Spurning tradition and instead choosing to chase his passion all the way to global fame, is Emirati DJ Marwan Al-Awadhi, better known as DJ Bliss and his wife, vivacious vlogger, Danya Mohammed, AKA Diva Dee.”

“The free-spirited dynamic duo may love each other fiercely, but can open and honest communication bring them even closer?”

Ebraheem Al Samadi

Netflix says: “Businessman and Kuwaiti millionaire, Ebraheem Al Samadi, has been honing his entrepreneurial flair since the age of 14, ultimately building a flourishing floral firm.”

“Business may be blooming but will his relationships with the rest of the social circle fair as well when faced with Ebraheem’s trademark blunt honesty?”

Safa Siddiqui


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“Born and raised in London and of Iraqi descent, Safa Siddiqui is a housewife with ambitions to bring her chic and unusual fashion designs to life with her own collection.”

“Effervescent and full-of-life, Safa has the full support of Fahad, her enterprising and highly successful husband as she pursues her dreams. Can Fahad and Safa achieve their personal and professional goals together?”

Kris and Brianna Fade


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“You’ve heard his Australian accent bright and early on weekday mornings and now, Kris Fade, radio host and entrepreneur, is hitting your screens.”

“Having built his brand on his upbeat and fun-loving personality, Kris is beginning a new chapter in life with bride-to-be Brianna Ramirez.”

“Can Kris and Brianna balance the demands of wedding planning, raising a family and managing their wild work schedules, without alienating their friends?”



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