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Netflix’s The Crown set to dramatise Princess Diana’s bombshell interview with Martin Bashir

Netflix’s The Crown are reportedly set to dramatise Princess Diana’s bombshell interview with Martin Bashir.

According to The UK Sun, the fifth season of the historical drama, which launches on November 9, will feature two episodes building up to the 1995 interview conducted by the former BBC journalist.

The hour-long Panorama interview is set to be condensed and dramatised into a segment lasting four minutes and 23 seconds.

According to the outlet, a young William is shown watching the interview and being asked by a teacher if he’s alright.

His father, formerly known as Prince Charles, is shown yelling as he watches, and then crying.

The four-minute and 23-second-long segment reportedly shows Diana referencing her “crowded marriage”, referencing Charles’ now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles.

She also says she wants to be “a Queen in people’s hearts”, but doesn’t think she’ll ever be Queen herself.


Ingrid Seward, friend of the late Diana, and editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine said: “William will be furious. He said his piece when he said it should never be aired again.”

“This is his mother and her memory they are doing this to. It must be very frustrating as he can’t say any more because it will just give Netflix more publicity.”

“They should have listened to him. The interview has no credibility after the investigation. Everyone knows it has no legitimacy now.”

“Charles will think they can say whatever they want about him but leave Harry and William out of it. He won’t give a stuff about how he comes across but just don’t attack his sons this way.”

A spokesperson for Netflix told The UK Mirror: “Season 5 of The Crown will dramatise events surrounding the Panorama interview, given the pivotal part it played during the time period the series covers.”

“It will reflect what we now know about how the interview was obtained and how Diana was treated. The interview is not recreated in full.”

Princess Diana will be portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki in season five of The Crown.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana | Netflix

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