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Netflix confirms when Making A Murderer returns

The hit show follows the case of Steven Avery


Netflix has confirmed that Making A Murderer will return with a second season due to air later this year.

The hit documentary series followed Steven Avery’s trial and his family life before.

“The story is still ongoing, so you will see new episodes coming sometime this year as this story continues to unfold,” Netflix’s VP of original content Cindy Holland said.

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Season two: Making A Murderer will return | NETFLIX

Steven’s nephew Brendan Dassey is also involved in the case and also remains in prison for their conviction where they are accused of killing a woman.

“[Filmmakers] Laura [Ricciardi] and Moira [Demos] are (in Manitowoc) shooting regularly and working on what the right story is to tell in the next set, so we’re deferring to them on when it will be ready,” Cindy said in an interview with USA Today.

“[Very] few people inside of Netflix actually know the details of what we’re getting because we’re wanting to keep it really under wraps and it is an ongoing case so we’re trying to be sensitive to that.”

While there is not set date, fans can expect the show to return to Netflix later this year.