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Myles Stephenson confirms he DID warn Jacqueline Jossa about Dan Osborne in the jungle

The singer has said he isn't "scared" of Jacqueline's husband - and is prepared to confront him


Myles Stephenson has confirmed that he did warn Jacqueline Jossa about her husband Dan Osborne’s alleged behaviour during their time in the jungle.

Last week, it was reported that Jacqueline threatened to quit the show after Myles told her that he believed Dan cheated on her with his ex Gabby Allen.

Dan and Gabby were linked in March 2018, but at the time they both denied claims that they had hooked up.

Speaking about the incident for the first time since leaving the jungle, Myles told The Sun: “There was a moment in camp when Jac asked about the situation. I said to her, ‘Look, we’re not going to talk about it now. We’re in front of about 150 cameras right now’.”

But then, Myles said Jacqueline quizzed him once again when they were off camera as they made their way to a Bushtucker Trial.

Myles said: “I spoke to her about it. I told her what I thought about the situation. I told her what I’ve seen. I told her, ‘I’m only telling you because you’re already a sister to me’. If it was the other way, I’d want to know.”

“I also went on to tell her that, at the end of the day, I’m not a spiteful person. I didn’t want any of this coming out in public.

“I could have quite easily gone the horrible route. I didn’t take pictures of anything, which means people are going to say I’m a liar but I have nothing to gain. Nothing at all,” Myles said. “I spoke to Jac about it and said, ‘Whatever you decide to take from what I’ve told is down to you and Dan’. I’ve got nothing against him.”

When they got back to camp, it’s believed Jacqueline broke down and threatened to leave the show, before producers allowed her to contact Dan briefly.

Myles, who was booted out of the jungle on Thursday night, hasn’t come face-to-face with Dan yet despite them staying in the same hotel.

Before coming out of the jungle, Dan reportedly told pals that he wanted to confront Myles, and “knock his head off”. 

But Myles has since said: “If you know you’ve done no wrong, why would you want to knock someone’s head off? It’s an immature response. He shouldn’t get his back up. It makes him look bitter and stupid.”

“If he wants to come and try and knock my head off it won’t end well. One of us is going to end up in the nick and nobody needs that. He’s got two kids here. He should be looking after them.”

“He knew I was coming out of the jungle and he could’ve knocked on my door. I’d have let him in. I’ve grown up with much scarier people than Dan. I’m not scared of a thing.”

“You can make threats, it means nothing. This isn’t a game. I’m sitting here with my family now. If you’re walking around all heated, in the foyer, we’re going to cross paths.”

When asked how he will react if they do meet, the Rak-Su singer said: “I’ll pull him up on it. I’d say to him, ‘Sit down, let’s talk, like men’.”

Myles explained: “I told Jac how I felt. I said to her that if he tried something with me, it could go sour. I’m not going to stand there and take punches, I’m going to fight back, but if he wants to talk, we can talk.”

On what he thinks Jacqueline should do when she leaves the camp, Myles added: “That’s down to Jac. She can take what she wants from what I told her.”

“They need to sort it out between themselves, whether she chooses to believe me, or chooses to believe him.”