Home TV Marty Whelan: 'I'm not going anywhere from Winning Streak'

Marty Whelan: 'I'm not going anywhere from Winning Streak'


Marty Whelan has blasted claims he’s set to be axed from Winning Streak – insisting that he’s here to stay.

The RTE host claimed he hasn’t been told of a shake-up to the Lotto programme – despite GAA host Marty Morrissey filming a run-through to potentially replace him.

Insiders had revealed that RTE were considering replacing the 57-year-old in a bid to make Winning Streak feel younger.

But Marty said: “As far as I am concerned I am presenting Winning Streak in September, and why wouldn’t I?

“The figures are fine, the show goes very well and everyone seems very happy with it. So as far as I am concerned, why would they change it?”


Replacement?: Marty Morrissey is rumoured to be in the Lotto hot seat

But Marty – who insisted that Morrissey would be good only on a GAA-themed gameshow – admitted he isn’t safe just yet.

He added: “You have to wait for a contract because every year people look at programmes and the changes they need to make.

“But nobody has said to me ‘that’s it, you’re off then’, so if nobody says you’re off then you have to say you’re on. That’s the way I deal with it.”