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Lucy Kennedy wants to get at least THREE weddings out of Blind Date


TV3 star Lucy Kennedy has revealed she is forcing herself to get three marriages out of Blind Date.

The Late Lunch Live host has been given the chance to present an Irish version of the show – and is already dreaming big.

She said: “I fancy myself as a bit of a match-maker in real life, so this gig is perfect for me.

“So I’m setting myself a target of three weddings to happen as a result of the show.”

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Overwhelmed Lucy will begin filming the show in the New Year – and said it is her “dream job”.

And the former RTE star told the Herald she is now glad she left Montrose for this new start, especially given she has the chance to become our Cilla Black.

She added: “What I love about the show is that it’s just great family viewing.

“I used to watch Cilla Black with my mam and my granny – it’s a show that can get three generations on a couch which is very special.

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“It’s good clean family viewing and I’m so excited to sit down with my family and watch it.

“It’s such a successful global format and it’s really inoffensive viewing as well so I’m delighted to be presenting it.

“It really is my dream job and I’m so delighted that I decided to move to TV3.

“It’s my home away from home here – it feels like so much longer than a year since I started.”