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Love/Hate's John Connors reveals Patrick was right to kill off Nidge – and would have killed him in REAL life too


While most of the country are still in shock that Nidge is gone forever, actor John Connors has said it was the right time for Nidge to die.

The actor who plays pipe bomb maker Patrick in the series said the gang land boss couldn’t keep going.

“I think the character was going too far if he had lived,” he explained.

“As a writer Stuart (Carolon) would have been thinking about morally and the moral conscience and glamourising it.”

Love/Hate - Series 5 Episode 6

Dead: John’s character shot Nidge in the final episode

“It was poetic justice that Patrick was the one to put the nail in the coffin,” he said.

“He was the only gangster who had the right justifications really.”

Speaking to Brian O’Connell and presenter Sean O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio 1 John admitted he would have killed Nidge in real life if he had been through the same situation.

“You try to get into the character’s mindset and I understood his actions,” he said.

“ Although you’re trying not to judge a character either way whether you like him or not, I couldn’t help but understand why he was killing this person.


Justified: John said he would do the same thing | RTE

“If I was in the same position I’d probably do the same myself.

“He tried to put a bullet in his son’s head. He’d already lost a son and was grieving and to almost lose his next, his one and only son, it was a huge thing.

“And having him there in front of his eyes and an opportunity to take his life I can’t see him not killing him,” he explained.