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Love/Hate's Aoibhinn McGinnity: 'I love Trish's tacky outfits'

Love/Hate star Aoibhinn McGinnity has insisted she would never dress like Nidge’s wife Trish in real life.

But the TV favourite finds putting on the tacky outfits help get into character for shooting.

She said: “It’s not anything like what I would wear, which is what I love.

“You get there and Aisling, the costume designer, has all these costumes ready, so you’re like, bam, this is the last little touch to get you into the mode.

“It’s good fun, that usual look and it’s very defined.”


Marrying Nidge: As Trish in Love/Hate

And Aoibhinn revealed that the whole Love/Hate crew have been warned to keep quiet on plotlines.

She said: “It’s important to keep things like that under wraps. You forget that side of it until that comes out again.

“We’re just all there doing a job and getting on really well and having good energy about the place.

“Sometimes it can be quite funny with fans — the last day it was mad, once the word gets out they are all there.

“It’s mad, but at the same time it’s lovely — they just want to see characters come together.”

The Coronas - November 2010. Photo: Dara Munnis

Romance: Aoibhinn was linked to Danny O’Reilly

And Aoibhinn insisted that she is just “friends” with Coronas singer Danny O’Reilly who she was previously linked to.

She said: “I think it’s kind of funny when you read that about yourself. It’s weird and funny.

“It’s gas, we just laugh it off. We’re just friends.”


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