Home TV Love Island’s Dr. Alex DUMPS Alexandra four days before final

Love Island’s Dr. Alex DUMPS Alexandra four days before final

The couple went on a romantic date earlier that day


Alex George dumped Alexandra Crane on the latest episode of Love Island.

The couple went for their final date in a speedy Ferrari and Alexandra made it clear how she wanted their relationship to develop when they left the villa.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting your friends, your family, and just kind of seeing how our lives will merge together. I think that’s really exciting,” the makeup artist said, but Alex didn’t seem to keen on the pair taking it much further outside of the villa.

The doctor responded saying that he ‘hopes’ he can give her more affection on the outside, adding, “It’s not always easy. I think other couples are trying to rush. I think we’re moving at what’s comfortable for us. I’m happy with that. I think slow and steady wins the race sometimes.”


The 27-year-old pulled Jack aside earlier in the night to tell him that he was thinking of ending things with Alexandra and although Jack tried to convince him to give things another chance, it seemed like the doctor had already made his mind up.

Alex went to chat with Alexandra later that night and things got heated.

“Over the last couple of days I’ve just felt that we were different,” the islander said, but Alexandra wasn’t taking his excuse.

“I think that you’ve led me along this path and you’ve been lying all this time… you’re absolutely pathetic, you’ve wasted my time,” the 27-year-old responded as she walked away from the conversation.


Fans took to Twitter to applaud the way Alexandra dealt with the conversation.

I am so proud of Alexandra the way she argued that was like a Point/Evidence/Explanation answer in an essay! And that concluding statement!! POW! YOU GO GIRL!! #loveisland

The dumping comes just four days before the Love Island finale.

The couple took a turn for the worst when Alex’s head was turned by new-girl Laura last week, but when the surfer coupled up with Jack, Alex wanted to give his relationship with Alexandra a second chance.

Everything seemed to be going well for the pair, until last night’s episode and now fans think that Alexandra should win Love Island by herself.

The Love Island Finale will be taking place on Monday 30th July.