Love Island’s Adam Collard forgets about Zara McDermott as he cosies up to new girl in Casa Amor

The lothario has bagged himself a new lady already


Love Island viewers are in for another drama-filled episode tonight, as Adam Collard appears to move on from Zara McDermott, just days after she was dumped from the Island.

During Friday’s episode of Love Island, the notorious lothario wastes no time moving on as he’s got his eye on tattooed new girl, Darylle Sargeant.

Last night, we saw Adam and the rest of the boys meet six new girls at Casa Amor, where they have temporarily moved, while the female Islanders get to know six new boys in the original villa.

After a few days, the Islanders will have to decide if they want to couple up with one of the new people, leaving their original partner at risk of being sent home, or stick with their current couple.

In scenes set to air tonight, 22-year-old Adam tells new girl Darylle that he thinks he’s ready to move on from Zara.

He says, “It was super emotional at the time when it happened and I was happy with her but if I could be happier with someone else, I may as well try with someone else and see how things go.”

“I would always go into something open minded and I think getting to know the next person is always the best thing to do… With the other girls, it’s more friendly but I can have a little bit more of a flirt with you I think.”

Later in the Beach Hut, Adam says, “I get a very good vibe from Darylle and I did from when she first came in. I’m interested to see where that can go.”

The news of Adam’s wandering eye comes after Zara vowed to wait for Adam on the outside.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Zara wrote, “Leaving Adam in the villa was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. He is so wonderful and I hope that everyone can now see that. The bond we built in the villa was something I never expected and so different to anything I have ever experienced before.”

Addressing his decision to stay in the villa without her, Zara continued, “Whether he chooses to stay or leave is completely his decision; I support him no matter what he does, and I will always be ready to welcome him home.”

“As much as I didn’t want to leave without him, I know that this experience is once in a lifetime and I’d never want to take that away from him. I walked into the villa wanting to find someone and also to find myself and I think I’ve done both.”

She concluded, “Thank you guys for all your love, it means the world to me especially now that I am out in the big wide world on my own without my partner in crime! These past few days have been hard, but thank you guys again for everything.”