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Love Island preview: The new boys stir things up ahead of another recoupling

Things in the villa are really heating up


Tonight on Love Island the two new Islanders Luke T and Luke M stir things up ahead of a recoupling – and it’s anyone’s guess who might be at risk.

Last night the two newbies entered the villa and it wasn’t long before they headed out on dates with Siânnise and Jess after the public had been voting.

Getting to know Luke M, Jess asks him about his first impressions of everyone.


He replies: “I was looking at all the girls, but you obviously stood out.”

Later on Luke M admits to her that he “can’t believe” the blonde is not yet coupled up.”

“I think everything happens for a reason,” Jess tells him.

Meanwhile, Luke T admits to Siânnise that he was one of the girls he had his eye on.


“I just feel like we’d get on. I like a bit of sass.”

To which Siânnise responds: “I’ve got a bit of sass to give you.”

“The date with Luke T was honestly so lush,” she later admits in the Beach Hut.

“Honestly, we just bounce off each other. He’s got good banter, we were literally laughing the whole time. I felt like I’d known him for ages.”

Jess | Instagram

Recaping on their date Luke M reveals he feels a spark with Jess.

“She’s easy to get on with, we’ve got quite a lot in common to be fair.”

In the morning, the new Lukes receive a text, asking them to choose two more girls each to have breakfast dates with.

Luke M chooses Paige, and Luke T picks Leanne.


The remaining Islanders watch on from the top deck as the dates take place on the grass below.

And as their date ends, Paige tells Luke M: “You’ve left me intrigued.”

Returning to the Beach Hut Paige admits: “We have a predicament.”

In the afternoon, Mike receives a text that reads: “Islanders, tonight there will be a recoupling.”


“The girls will choose who they want to couple up with and the boy not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the island #upyourgame #everymanforhimself”

Paige says: “Oh my god, somebody’s leaving! Someone’s going to go home tonight and it’s horrible to think it’s us who choose.”

Callum admits he is nervous to see what happens, while Connagh admits he is really bothered.

Meanwhile, bombshell Rebecca admits “I just need to do what’s right for me.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9 pm on Virgin Media One.