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Love Island: Leanne SLAMS Mike’s ‘desperate’ behaviour in the villa

Love Islander Leanne Amaning sat down with Laura Whitmore on last night’s episode of Aftersun.

The star was booted from the villa last week, when her former partner Mike chose to couple up with Sophie, leading to Leanne being sent home.

Since Leanne left, Mike has been cracking on with Jess.


“I think he’s very desperate, but I wouldn’t be mad if one of my friends got with him,” Leanne told Laura Whitmore.

“It’s so awkward, I can’t cope. We both agreed we’d move on.”

However, Leanne claims that his methods of charming Jess are the same ones he used to woo her.


“I wasn’t surprised really, but I was only surprised by what he was saying to her as he was saying the same things,” she said.

“It made me question whether things were genuine. They had a connection so it made sense for them to pick up where they left off.”

Both Leanne and Sophie have branded Mike a game player since leaving the villa.


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