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Love Island fans are all making the same joke about Dennon’s tattoo

The resemblance is uncanny

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Love Island fans have been in stitches on social media, after a number of eagle eyed viewers pointed out something interesting about pro footballer Dennon’s tattoo.

The sportsman has a large back piece, featuring a women’s face – and many fans have pointed out that the woman looks quite a lot like Maura.

“Why does it look like Dennon has a tattoo of Maura already” one viewer tweeted.

Maura has been getting to know newcomer Dennon in the Casa Amor villa.

The Longford born model has been sharing a bed with the pro footballer, and the pair have been romantically involved.

However, Dennon’s penchant for interupting Maura is getting on her last nerve.

“He just didnt let me speak!” she exclaims in the Beach Hut confessional.

“It drove me mad, I didn’t like it at all.”

Dennon’s interruptions have led Maura to get to know Marvin a bit better, and the pair have bonded over their love of their families.

“Today i definitely wanted to get to chat to you more. I still want to know so much about you,” he tells the Irish model.


Speaking of her family, Maura says: “We’re very close, we all look out for each other. My mum is my best friend,” before Marvin reveals that he adores his mum, calling her “the only woman” in his life.

“Thats a big thing for me if a guy is close to this mother,” Maura smiles.

In the Beach Hut, she reveals: “I’m 50/50 with Marvin and Dennon. He’s (Marvin) older and very mature, I like that, and he listens.”

“Us speaking has been very easy.”

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