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Love Island: Elma Pazar hints she and Yewande could RETURN to the villa

"Get Yewande back in there!"


Elma Pazar has hinted that she and Yewande could return to the Love Island show.

Speaking BBC Radio 1’s The Reality Tea Podcast, Elma revealed there’s a chance she could be returning to the villa.

She told the podcasters that she is still under contract with the show, and could be called to return at any moment.


“When you sign the contract it does say that you need to have free time up until the 31st of July or something?” she said coyly.

She told the podcasters that she would take Yewande back into the show with her if she could.

“So who knows, literally anything could happen. Get Yewande back in there!”

Yewande Biala

“I’m just floating me, I’m like a rubber dingy! You can have me, you can pull me back in, you can throw me back out.”

“It’s not a problem.”

Elma was coupled up with islander Anton on the show. However, their relationship was not given much of a chance, as Elma was voted out soon after they became a couple.

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