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Love Island: Callum opens up about Shaughna as he is voted OUT of the villa

"I never thought that deep into it."


Callum and Molly have been voted out of the Love Island villa.

The couple were pitted against Mike and Priscilla, as the other islanders were forced to vote out the couple who they deemed to be deserving of staying.

Upon exiting the villa, Callum revealed that while he wasn’t expecting his head to turn in Casa Amor:

When you went to Casa Amor did you think your head would turn?
I never thought that deep into it. I thought I’ll just chill out and enjoy it. Then I brought Molly back – so a bit different to what I thought would happen.

Were you worried about coupling up with Molly because of Shaughna?
As bad as it sounds, I didn’t really think about anything else. I knew I was happy, so I just went with that decision.

It’s not nice for Shaughna. At the end of the day, we were all in there to find something and I’ve found it.

What was it like returning to the Main Villa with Molly?
I kind of knew Shaughna would be on her own. It was nerve-wracking obviously. All I could see were eyes looking at me. But it’s what I was feeling at the time and I’m happy.

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Callum added that he has “no regrets – absolutely zero regrets” about his time in Love Island.

Despite Callum not worrying too much about Shaughna in the moment, Molly was concerned about hurting the Londoner’s feelings.

“I was worried about upsetting Shaughna,” she revealed.

“After a few days once it all settled down, all the girls were so lovely. Even Shaughna handled it with such class that everyone ended up getting on and I ended up becoming friends with Shaughna whilst we were in the villa together.”