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Lisa Cannon: 'I don't want to get married right now… but I do want to start a family'


TV3 star Lisa Cannon has revealed she doesn’t particularly want to get married – and just wants to start a family.

The Xpose presenter became engaged to Welsh rugby star Richard Keatley at the end of last year.

But Lisa admitted the idea of actually getting wed isn’t a big priority after her parents separated.

“We’re not massive on the idea of getting married. I’ve never been. I think that’s partly because my parents separated but also from being an only child,” she said.

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“I don’t know if it’s absolutely necessary at this point in time. I’m having very to-and-fro thoughts about what it is exactly I want, and what it is in terms of a marriage that Richard and I want.

“We would be very happy to just plough ahead and start a family, I don’t think the walk up the aisle needs to merit that.”

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However Lisa says she does “have a strong feeling” they probably will get wed”, adding to Tatler: “I definitely want to have a family though.”

She said: “It was only quite recently that I’ve felt like that, since meeting Richard actually.

“I’ve been so blessed with Xposé, I’ve lived in Paris, America, London – you just feel like all these amazing things and places you can pass them on to someone else and teach someone else.

“I was always building my career, my career came first, but I suppose there’s a point now that I would like to have a little person around. Plus, they’re so cute!


Interview: Lisa speaks in Tatler

“I think some of my friends have very cunningly made me godmother to some of their kids, their cuteness factor is like 11 on the Richter scale!

“Every time I see them my friends give me the wink, especially when your godchildren come to stay. [But] it has to be the right timing and right for you.”

You can read the full Tatler interview in their latest issue, on sale now.