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Line Of Duty viewers call for justice for Chloe Bishop – after ‘disappointing’ finale

Warning! This article contains spoilers


Line Of Duty viewers are calling for justice for Chloe Bishop, after the “disappointing” season finale.

The sixth season of the hit BBC series concluded on Sunday night, and saw anti-corruption unit ‘AC-12’ embark on their final mission – to find out who the fourth and final ‘H’ was.

WARNING! This article contains spoilers. 

After weeks of guessing, viewers finally found out the “fourth man” was Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells.

Many took to Twitter after the show aired to share their disappointment at the ending, while others called for justice for Chloe (played by Shalom Brune-Franklin) – who figured out who ‘H’ was “all by herself”, but didn’t get invited to the pub afterwards.

One viewer tweeted: “Chloe watching on as the team go off to the pub to celebrate when it was all her work that did it. Mate.”

Another wrote: “To summarise; Chloe managed to crack the whole thing without even breaking a sweat. She did it in one season and she still didn’t even get invited to the pub ‘mate’.”