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Josh O’Connor appears to confirm who’s replacing him as Prince Charles in The Crown

Josh O’Connor has seemingly confirmed that Dominic West will replace him as Prince Charles in The Crown.

Back in December, reports emerged that The Wire star was “in talks” to play the royal in the final two seasons of the hit Netflix series.

Josh, who played the heir to the British throne in seasons three and four of the show, dropped a major hint that Dominic is set to take over the role.


Speaking to GQ magazine, the 30-year-old said: “I’ve been asked about it [leaving the role] in the past and I’ve said it’s brilliant I don’t have to play [Charles] any more, which sometimes implies I didn’t enjoy it. And I absolutely loved it.”

“But the reason I wanted to be an actor is to play different people,” he explained.

“Playing that character has brought me a lot of joy. But it’s lovely to come away and go, ‘Great. Now hand it over to Dominic West.'”

The actor was then asked if he planned offer a Dominic advice on the role, to which he replied: “It’s so funny, isn’t it? But if Dominic West came to me asking me for advice, I’d laugh him off. I’d be like, ‘Dom! You’re Dominic West!'” have contacted a rep for Dominic West for comment.

Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles | Netflix

Dominic is best known for his role as Noah Solloway in the drama The Affair, and as Jimmy McNulty in The Wire.

In recent months, the actor’s personal life has dominated headlines, after he was spotted “kissing” Lily James in Rome, despite being married to Irish landscape designer Catherine FitzGerald.

The couple put on a united front amid the headlines, and insisted their marriage was “still strong”. 


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