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Johnny Ward returns to Fair City in special episode marking the show’s 30th anniversary

Johnny is BACK as terrifying kidnapper Ciarán Holloway


Viewers can expect explosive scenes in Carrigstown during Fair City’s 30th anniversary special this Wednesday.

Johnny Ward returns tonight as Ciarán Holloway, who was previously presumed dead after falling into the water at the harbour.

Now Ciarán is back, but why? And how long until Katy finds out that he’s back in town?

During tonight’s episode, Barry O’Hanlon (Pat Nolan) also finds himself in hot water, following his recent return to Carrigstown.

Decco confronts Barry and goes to hit him

Nora is determined to get justice for Andy and Robbie against Barry, and while the street party is taking place in Carrigstown, Decco (David O’Sullivan) lunges at Barry again after getting a disturbing phone call from Denzo.

Later in the episode, Barry gets attacked by a mystery assailant. But with so many people with grudges against him, who could it be?

Elsewhere, the residents of Carrigstown enjoy a street party, where Renee and Bob dress up as John and Yoko.

Sharon is terrified Ger will destroy Hayley’s birthday, as things heat up between Hayley and Yates.

Meanwhile, Damian’s feud with Will takes a dark turn when Will resorts to desperate measures.

Tune into Fair City’s 30th Anniversary Special on RTÉ One on Wednesday, September 18th, at 8pm.